Some examples of my work...

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It's a blast to take a decorating project right through all the phases, from the color consultation to putting on the paint to staging the furnishings. Regardless, a simple color consultation for a client, an interior paint job or painting an original canvas, staging one room or the whole house.... I love it all. 

Below are a few snaps of various staging and painting projects, including some of my original canvas paintings: 

Staging & Painting Videos

Home Staging - Before & After

This video is provided as a way to demonstrate how dramatic a change can be achieved by staging existing furniture and decor in a home. Get in touch with me to discuss staging your home :-)

A Little Visit With Brian Gluckstein

I use Benjamin Moore paint on most of my projects and so does Brian. Listen in as he talks about a few of the BM colors he likes to work with. I used these exact colors in the right setting and results were stunning.